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Private tutors in Sweden – Improving grades since 2004


Private tutors – only from leading universities and High Schools in Sweden

Studybuddy is one of Sweden’s leading tutoring agencies. All our private tutors are experts at helping students improve their grades as well as their study technique. Studybuddy offers private tutoring from elementary school up to High School-level.

Our recruitment process is carefully done, and we only hire top students with excellent grades and a pedagogical approach.

Notice of Interest

    Homework made easy – with a private tutor

    Homework isn’t always the most fun activity – but it’s necessary. With the help of a private tutor you can excel your grades and score higher, even in your least favorite subject. Not a fan of math? No worries. We have specialized private tutors that are glad to help with your math homework.


    Private online tutors

    Studybuddy also offers private online tutors, for your convenience. Our private online tutors cater to students who live outside of our staffed areas and creates an easier match for students with special needs or learning difficulties.

    4 steps away from excellent grades

    1. Search & find

    Search for a private tutor that suites your needs

    2. Get started

    We manage the practicalities and create a perfect match with your next private tutor

    3. Tutoring

    Meet up with the private tutor and improve your grades

    4. Follow-up

    We send parents a follow-up report after each completed lesson

    Why Studybuddy?

    • Studybuddy is one of Sweden’s leading tutoring agencies
    • We have been around since 2004 improving grades for thousands of students
    • We believe that every student is different – therefore we carefully handpick a tutor that matches your needs
    • Studybuddy is never far away, our customer service is just one call away

    Some subjects we can assist you with:

    • Math: Mathematics year 1-6, Mathematics year 7-9, Mathematics 1, Mathematics 2, Mathematics 3, Mathematics 4-5
    • Physics 1, Physics 2
    • Chemistry 1, Chemistry 2
    • Natural Science Elementary
    • Modern Languages: English Elementary and High School, Swedish
    • Elementary and High School, Spanish 1-2, Spanish 3-5, French 1-2, French 3-5, German 1-2, German 3-5


    English FAQ

    • What are your rates and pricing plans?

      Studybuddy offers many different pricing plans, to suite your unique needs for private tutoring. Our services start from an hourly rate at 365 SEK/H. It is also possible to split the time between siblings and/or friends. For more information regarding our prices and rates: See Price Private Tutors Sweden 

    • For what ages do you offer private tutoring?

      Studybuddy has private tutors available to assist all ages and subjects. Most of our families contact us for private lessons in High School, but over the years is has become more and more common to hire a private tutor in Sweden already in Elementary school. 

    • In what subjects do you offer private tutors?

      High School subjects:

      • Biology
      • Computer science 
      • English
      • Philosophy
      • Business Administration
      • Physics
      • History
      • Italian
      • Chemistry
      • Chinese
      • Math + Calculus 
      • Geography
      • Natural Science
      • Social Science
      • Religious studies
      • Spanish
      • Swedish
      • German

      Other Subjects:

      • The Swedish University Entrance Exam (Högskoleprovet)
      • Law studies
      • Programming, coding 
      • IB
    • What supplies should I bring to my tutoring appointment?

      Prepare for your study session by bringing a pen, eraser, notebook, textbooks, computer and calculator. For our online study sessions please make sure your computer has a stable wifi-connection, microphone and videocamera. 

    Kunder tycker till om Studybuddy

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    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    We are here to make you succeed as a student so you get the most out of your education. After the first lesson we always call and check how the session went and if the private tutor delivers up to your expectation. If the setup or the tutor isn’t fulfilling your satisfaction, we are happy to set up a new plan or end the subscription.